Helping You Choose the Best Pet Food for Your Cat and Dog’s Nutritional Needs in Norwood, IL

Good nutrition is essential to your pet’s growth and ongoing health. It can help to prevent the development of certain health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes, and can contribute to a longer life for your pet. At Abell Animal Hospital in Norwood Park, guiding and educating you about your pet’s nutrition is another part of our gold standard of care. It involves our team working together with you to find the diet that best suits your companion’s nutritional needs at every life stage.

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What Your Pet Needs in Their Diet

There might be more brands and varieties of pet food on the market than there are dog breeds, and this makes it difficult for pet owners to make a choice. Pet foods are not created equal, and some can be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Every dog and cat needs the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbs to fulfill their personal requirements. They also need to be fed certain quantities at certain intervals. Simply keeping your pet fed is only the start; the nutrients they consume can determine the trajectory of their lifelong health and even the length of their lifespan.

Another factor to consider is your pet’s age. Generally, pet diets fall into three categories: puppy/kitten, adult, and senior. This is because every pet’s nutritional needs will change as they get older, and not accounting to this change can result in malnourishment or weight gain.

The Importance of Staying at Healthy Weight

A balanced diet also plays a role in keeping your pet’s weight balanced. They should be neither underweight or overweight for optimal health and longevity. Being overweight or underweight increases a pet’s chances for illness, injury, and chronic disease. Here at Abell Animal Hospital, we provide individualized pet nutrition plans so you can find the best diet for your pet’s age, size, breed, and overall health. If your pet is overweight or underweight, we can help you make the best nutritional decisions for your pet to get them to a healthy weight. We are always happy to answer your questions and recommend the highest-quality foods.

Why Prescription Diets are a Good Option for Pets

Our animal hospital in Norwood Park carries only the highest-quality prescription diets for dogs and cats. These diets are specially formulated to give your pet optimal nutritional support. Every pet is different, with some dogs and cats living with chronic conditions requiring specific nutrients to improve and manage. Our prescription pet diets are designed to address conditions such as allergies, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and kidney disease.

Even if your pet is living with a chronic health issue, they can still have a good quality of life with the right nutrition. Contact Abell Animal Hospital today at (773) 631-6727 to ask about our available prescription pet foods.