Cat and Dog Microchipping
in Norwood Park, IL

Microchipping your pet is an easy way to provide them with permanent identification that keeps them connected to you. If your dog or cat ever gets lost, having a microchip will greatly increase their chance of being reunited with you and your family. Abell Animal Hospital offers pet microchipping for dogs and cats, and we highly recommend it as an additional layer of security. We can place the chip during your pet’s routine wellness exam, at a standalone appointment, or during their spay/neuter surgery or dental procedure.

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Is Microchipping Painful for Pets?

No anesthesia is required to microchip your pet. Placement of the chip is akin to giving your pet an injection or doing a blood draw; discomfort is minimal and brief. The chip is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades, where it will stay (and remain functional) for the rest of your pet’s life.

Do I Need to Register My Pet’s Microchip?

Your pet’s microchip does need to be registered with the appropriate database as soon as possible. Registration makes the chip valid and if your pet gets lost, found by a good Samaritan, and then has their chip scanned, the chip will provide the necessary information to have them returned to you.

If you adopted a pet that is already chipped, you will need to make sure their registration details are updated to match your name, location, and contact information. If you move, you will also need to update your registration information.

Pet Microchipping Resources

The Pet Microchip Lookup is a helpful resource for finding lost pets based on their microchip number.

We also encourage you to check out this FAQ about pet microchipping, as it answers some critical questions about what a microchip is, how it works, and what to do in the rare event that a microchip doesn’t work as intended.

cat and dog microchipping in norwood park, chicago, il

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