Elevating Your Pet’s Care with Veterinary Diagnostics
in Norwood Park, IL

At Abell Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing the gold standard of care to your pet, using every resource possible to help them stay healthy. Among these resources are our veterinary diagnostic tools, which include digital radiography, an in-house laboratory, and ultrasound imaging. We regularly turn to these tools to better understand your pet’s condition and overall health, and may also be able to provide early detection for underlying illness. With the aid of diagnostics, our team can diagnose and treat more conditions in dogs and cats, and help our patients live healthier and longer lives.

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Why We Recommend Routine Lab Work for Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats should undergo blood and fecal testing annually, so we can keep tabs on their health. Pets age rapidly, but they also have a tendency to conceal signs of illness.

Furthermore, physical examinations are limited in what they can show us about your pet’s condition. With routine parasite screens, comprehensive blood work, and fecal exams, we can establish a baseline of health for your pet and be in a position to detect signs of disease or illness earlier.

Abell Animal Hospital typically sends out blood samples to external labs for routine, comprehensive testing. We utilize our in-house lab equipment for urgent, point-of-care medical situations so we can obtain faster test results.

Digital Radiography and Ultrasound

Digital radiography (X-ray) is ideal for evaluating pets for heart and lung disorders, urinary and digestive issues, and bone and joint injuries. However, it can also be used to pick up signs of cancerous tumors and foreign bodies. Senior pets with chronic heart and lung issues often benefit from having routine X-ray procedures.

Additionally, we can perform digital dental X-rays to view your pet’s entire oral cavity (mouth) to check the teeth, roots, and surrounding bone hidden below the gum line. This can help us find evidence of bone loss, abscesses, and other types of damage hidden under the gums.

If we suspect an issue related to your pet’s abdominal organs, we may recommend an ultrasound procedure. Ultrasound uses high-frequency soundwaves to provide us with a live, 3D image of the internal organs. This non-invasive procedure is performed by a board-certified radiologist, who can visit our hospital once a week to conduct ultrasounds as needed.

Ultrasound can reveal fetal heartbeats during pregnancy, tumors, cysts, bladder stones, fluid, and inflammation in the body.

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