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Canine Care at Abell Animal Hospital

Regular annual wellness exams are the best way to prevent illness and disease, ensuring a longer, happier life for your dog. Abell Animal Hospital’s comprehensive wellness care program for dogs includes:

During the wellness exam, we invite you to talk to us about any questions or concerns regarding your dog’s overall health. Our veterinarians will review vaccines, nutrition, allergies, dental care, age-related changes, and other issues that may be affecting your dog’s health and lifestyle. At Abell Animal Hospital, we always form an individualized wellness care plan for your dog that caters to his or her individual needs based on factors such as their breed, physical condition, lifestyle, and previous immunization history.

On the day of your pet’s wellness appointment, we ask that you bring a stool sample (preferably less than twelve hours old) with your dog on a leash. We also recommend that you bring medical files such as previous vaccination records if this is your dog’s first visit with us.

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