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September Newsletter 2016

Abell’s monthly newsletters are available for tidbits of information regarding pet healthcare. Please feel free to share these with your family and friends.

What to expect from our monthly newsletters:

  1. Fact or Fiction? We will provide a “True” or “False” statement and you will receive the answer with the next month’s newsletter

  2. Information regarding services we offer at our practice, that you might be unaware of.

  3. New information regarding any recalls or other matters pertaining to your pet’s health.

  4. Updates on monthly discounts offered at Abell Animal Hospital.

  5. Seasonal recommendations for your pet.

  6. Behavior training recommendations for your pet.

  7. Question of the month. One client’s burning questions will be answered by a veterinarian.

  8. Pet of the month


  • September: Dogs that live indoors can not get fleas.

    • FALSE
      Dogs that live indoors CAN get fleas! Fleas and flea eggs can still be brought into your home when they hitch a ride on your clothing. That is why it is so importance to make sure your pet has a monthly flea preventative year round because once those little critters set up shop in your home, it’s very difficult to get rid of them!

  • October: Dogs and cats can heal their own wounds by licking them.

Tune in next month to find out the answer for September. Let us know what you think on our facebook page!


Fear Free Practice!!!

You may have noticed Abell recently taking a less is more approach with your four legged family members otherwise known as Fear Free Practice. This approach, developed by a veterinarian named Dr. Marty Becker, is designed to lower the stress and anxiety of pets when coming to the clinic. Some of the techniques you may have noticed our staff is using are treats or toys to distract pets during procedures such as getting their blood drawn or when receiving vaccinations. If your pet gets very anxious when coming to the clinic please let us know when making your appointment so we can help make his/her visit as stress free as possible!


Canine Influenza is Still Around! Please, make sure your furry family members are up to date with the canine influenza vaccines. It is recommended that Fluffy receives both the H3N8 and H3N2 vaccine strains to help protect him/her from the influenza virus. Abell offers both vaccines, so stop by and ask or call to schedule an appointment!

Yay! No pet food recalled for this month! Check out the link below for the latest pet food recalls in your area.



This month Abell Animal Hospital is offering a discount on select heartworm and flea/tick prevention. For September, we are offering a special on PROHEART and BRAVECTO. If you purchase 12 months of Proheart and 12 months of Bravecto, two lucky furry pooches will be randomly selected to win a year supply of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention!! Call today to schedule your yearly exam!


Celebrate the Labor Day weekend safely! Don’t forget to keep your furry friends away from those barbeque goodies so as not to upset their gastrointestinal symptoms that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. Below is a list of reminders of foods to stay away from. However if your four legged friend somehow sneaks his/her paw on a tasty treat they weren’t suppose to have, please either give us a call (773) 631-6727, an emergency clinic, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control for further recommendations. The ASPCA poison control is available 24/7, (888) 426-4435, a $65 consultation fee may apply. They also have a mobile app that you can download on your smart phone, follow the link below.

Local Emergency Clinics

Blue Pearl in Skokie (847) 673-9110.

Blue Pearl in Northfield (847) 564-5775

Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove (847) 459-7535

MedVet in Chicago on Clybourn Ave (773) 281-7110

ASPCA Mobile App Link


Foods considered toxic and/or dangerous for Fluffy!

  • Alcohol

  • Chocolate

  • Caffeine

  • Coffee

  • Grapes and Raisins

  • Peach Pits

  • Apple Seeds

  • Chewing Gums Containing Xylitol

  • Cherry Pits

  • Avocados

  • Bones and Fatty Foods

  • Onions and Garlic

Go to the links below for full list of foods to stay away from:




Proper socialization for your puppy and kitten is very important as they are growing up. It helps them be more comfortable around other places, people, and animals. Below are links to some tips on how to properly socialize Fluffy and Kitty so that they can enjoy whatever the world has to offer them!

Tips of Socializing Dogs


Tips of Socializing Cats



How do I take care of my pets teeth at home?

The best way to care for your pets’ teeth at home is to brush them daily with an appropriate dog or cat tooth paste using a tooth or finger brush. It is important to take a gradual appropriate when introducing your pet to teeth brushing. The link below is a video on how to brush your pets’ teeth. Another option if your pet just won’t tolerate their teeth being brushed are dental chews. Important things to keep in mind when picking out a dental chew is to make sure the appropriate size is chosen for your pet. You will also want to monitor them initially to make sure they are chewing at their dental chew and not swallowing it whole. This is because dental chews work best when chewed on repetitively so that it can scrape along the teeth to prevent tartar from building up. Avoid hard items like bones as these have the potential to cause teeth to fracture and can be very painful for your pet. Finally, make sure the dental chews contain an anti-tartar ingredient as these are the best type of chews to help prevent tartar build up.



Meet Duke! He is a 4 year old Rodesian Ridgeback that came in recently for his annual exam and vaccines.


Please send us a picture and a small paragraph about your pet to get them featured in our next newsletter. Send the information to Abellanimal@gmail.com Attention PET OF THE MONTH.

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